How to Compost

On-line:    (This site provides a good outline of the steps to making compost.)

E-books at the Brewster Ladies Library:

Composting for Dummies by Cathy Cromell, 2010  (Straight forward, basic text)

Zero waste life style: how to live well by throwing away less  by Amy Korst, 2012

Hard Copy Books at the Brewster Ladies Library:

compostguide The complete compost gardening guide
by Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Martin, 2008 – Thorough, with many photographs and illustrations.  (DD# 631.875)

The complete Idiot’s guide to Composting by Chris McLaughlin, 2010 (DD#                 635.987)


compostingComposting; An easy household guide by Nicky Scott, 2005   (In process (Short and to the point)





buildcompostHow to Build, Maintain and Use a Compost System by Kelly Smith, 2011  (Similar in style to Composting for Dummies and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting) (DD# 635.987)





Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Service, Barnstable, MA      

508-375-6690  -Master gardeners will answer questions regarding gardening and composting

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