Brewster Ponds Coalition

Brewster Freshwater PondsBrewster is home to 80 ponds, ranging in size for less than .1 acres to more than 730 acres – and in fact has more pond acreage that any town on Cape Cod.  Many are accessible for swimming, kayaking and fishing.   But, sadly, too many of our ponds are threatened by poor water quality.

Brewster has formed a new independent non-profit organization to help coordinate the efforts of various pond and neighborhood associations.

The Brewster Ponds Coalition is dedicated to preserving and nurturing the natural beauty, healthy habitats, and recreational opportunities of Brewster’s Ponds, and to safeguard them for current and future generations. It is a 501(3)c independent, non-profit corporation.

More  information about the Brewster Ponds Coalition is available at:

Friends of Lands, Aquatics, Trails, and Shellfish