Kiosk Building and Installation

Have you walked on the John and Kristi Hay Trail or in the Spruce Hill Conservation Area recently? If so, you may have noticed kiosks that have been installed at each site. The two new kiosks were designed and built by Hal Minis, dedicated volunteer and President of the Brewster Conservation Trust. AmeriCorps Cape Cod and the Brewster Department of Natural Resources also helped build and install the new kiosks. The kiosks will include a map of each trail, natural and historical information, safety tips, and rules/regulations.

2014-05-27 14.50.37 HDR

Kiosk installation at the John and Kristi Hay trail . From left, Liz Migliore, Enam Mensah, Valerie Falconieri, Ryan Burch, and Andrew Bagnara. Behind the camera is our master carpenter, Hal Minis.

2014-05-27 10.35.38 HDR Kiosk installation at the Spruce Hill Conservation Area. From left, Liz Migliore, Hal Minis, Valerie Falconieri, Enam Mensah, and Andrew Bagnara

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