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AmeriCorps is a national service organization with a variety of programs throughout the country, each with different focus areas.  AmeriCorps Cape Cod has an environmental focus and serves throughout Barnstable County in the areas of natural resource management, disaster preparedness and relief, environmental education, and volunteer outreach. Together, AmeriCorps Cape Cod members will participate in large service projects such as invasive species removal, trail building and maintenance, oyster culls, fuel source reduction and fire management, and Wet Fest (a water education program taking place in elementary schools). Each member will complete a total of 1,700 hours of service over the 10-month program. Each member of the program also receives


September 12th, 2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the AmeriCorps program nation wide as well as the 16th year of the program here on Cape Cod.  On the Cape this year, there are 32 eager AmeriCorps members ready to serve the community. AmeriCorps Cape Cod is also a residential program, giving members the opportunity to live together on the Cape. Two houses are located in Wellfleet on the Cape Cod National Seashore, one house with general AmeriCorps members and the other house with FireCorps members. The Wellfleet house (otherwise known as the Le Hac house) members work on projects from Dennis to Provincetown.  The other house of general AmeriCorps members is located in Bourne, and they work on projects from Yarmouth to Falmouth.


In addition to large group service projects, each member of the program also participates in a COD day (Community Outreach Day) in Barnstable and each is given an Individual Placement at one of various organizations on the Cape that allow them to individually serve and contribute to the respective towns and communities there. This year the  Brewster Department of Natural Resources (Brewster DNR) has an Individual Placement, Teikyo Mowchan, who will be working here in Brewster.


Teikyo will be working on a variety of projects this year with the Brewster DNR including gathering and updating information for kiosks located on town conservation areas, contributing to the Brewster FLATS website and newsletter, compiling the Brewster Ponds database and website, and working on shellfishing and construction projects. To learn more about him, check out the November 2014 edition of Surroundings, the Brewster FLATS newsletter, coming out soon!

To find out more information about AmeriCorps Cape Cod visit this website:
To find out more information about AmeriCorps visit this website:


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